We are proud of our accomplishments

Austin Tech was established by Ray Ly and his wife Loanne in 1999.  Ray,  a qualified and experienced Electrical Engineer who had been employed in the caliber of Product Engineer and supported Sales and Marketing associates, together with his wife made the brave step of forming a corporation and venturing into the fast growing world of computers and technology.

Fast gaining public exposure through taking part in weekly trade shows put on by The Marketpro Computer Shows throughout the Washington, DC Metropolitan area, Austin Tech opened their Retail/ Wholesale interface in a warehouse in Sterling, Virginia occupying 1,500 square feet of retail space and 3,500 square feet of office, warehouse and production space, where they are today.

With a passion for business together with long hours of hard work and dedication to their customers this vibrant and aggressive corporation developed a growing cliental who today has embedded Austin Tech on the map of successful leading computer and electronics companies offering some of the most attractive pricing nationwide.